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Angry Yum! Backpacks

Mmmm, it was good! It could have used some ketchup, the resist jewlery inside was especially crunchy. Being serious though, I did eat my backpack.
It happend when i was soloing in the plane of storms, I had just foraged up some rabbit meat. I right clicked on my backpack to open it... "munch munch, you have taken a bite out of your rabbit meat". The backpack was gone, and i was still holding my rabbit meat. All i lost were a few pieces of elysian armor, about 2kpp of cash loot, and some resist jewlery. Nothing a few hours and a few kpp wont replace. I just wanted to let everyone know about this strange bug i found, lol... whats next, edible weapons?

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It happened to me the other week in Akheva. Log off and come back, and the bag should be back with everything in it. Actually what ended up happening to me was I went LD some how after I ate my bag (mushroom) and food item (another mushroom), and came back... though I had lost my Earthcaller, Tolans BP, some other food items, and... I dunno... stuff.
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