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Default need a little help...

...with my magelo profile. for some reason, i can't update suin's gear on there. if i try i get a security exception, or nothing loads at all. and usually i have to hit refresh every time i go to a new page on there, as it doesn't bring up the new URL, but rather an older link(that was example will clarify: if i click on an item's spell effect, i'll be brought to a page with it. but, if i click on a second item's spell effect, i'll be brought to the original spell effect page.) i've deleted all my cookies, so the problem isn't there.

anybody know what to do?
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Turn off your firewall when opening the magelo page. Turn back on when you're done.
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Check this,

Tools < Internet Options

Under the General tab, then inside is a section that has 'Temporary internet Files'

Click Settings

Check for newer versions of the stored page
---mark---> Automatically

Click that up, save, close, etc, restart browser. Try it.
Originally Posted by Misty
Hope that's clear as mud.
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