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Default Today's Patch 2/04/2003

February 4, 2003 3:00 am

Note: Some folks have had trouble getting the elves' beard colors to work properly. In order to get them to show up, you may need to set DoProperTinting=TRUE in your Eqclient.ini file. You can do that by typing /dopropertinting in game.

ALSO NOTE: We have changed a lot of UI Files. Here's the list:

** UI File Changes **

EQUI_JournalCatWnd.xml - NEW FILE
EQUI_JournalTextWnd.xml - NEW FILE
EQUI_JournalNPCWnd.xml - NEW FILE
EQUI_BigBankWnd.xml - NEW FILE

** Interface and Gameplay **

- The melee button for Ulaks, Martial weapons and Two-Handed Piercing weapons should appear to be depressed when attacking.
- Increased the size of the Notes window in the new UI.
- /viewport fixed.
- Fixed bug where action and hot-buttons for innate abilities would revert to numbers (1-6) instead of their name when a skin was loaded using /loadskin. It now reloads the names too.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a client crash if too many full containers were open and the ALT key was pressed.

** Spells **

- Lowered the mana cost of Yaulp I, Yaulp II, Yaulp III, and Yaulp IV to increase the value of these spells
- Theft of Thought works properly now, it was draining all of the caster's mana, no matter who the target was.
- Damage over Time type Area of Effect spells will no longer do damage when player character resists the spell.
- All pet spells will now get focused from any pet focusing spell/item. This means, for example, that summoning haste will work on Beastlord and Necromancer pets.

- Fixed a bug that caused pet health bar to disappear if when trying to charm when a pet already exists.
- Divine Barrier now does all of its healing in a single burst instead of as regeneration.
- Removed the erroneous message "Returning to your own perspective" that occurred when a character was changed into something using an illusion.

** Quests **

- Dillon the Drowned should now respond properly when hailed.
- Corrected a problem with a 'quest' for the hermit in South Karana.
- Animist Poren now gives the correct recipe for his Handwraps Quest (shadeling silk instead of shade silk).
- Noirin Khalen now gives out the proper jewelry book.
- Supreme Loachsmith Psorin now returns items that he does not need or want.

** Items **

- Removed Rogues from the list of classes on the Elegant Darkwood Katana, since it is a two-handed slashing weapon.
- Removed the "secondary" tag from the Flametongue, as this item is for Int. casters only and they can't equip this item in their secondary slot.
- The Nathsar Greatsword and Fester now have the proper inventory icon.

** Tradeskills **

- Added new potions for Vah Shir Shaman (and all other Shaman): Shadeweaver Portal.
- Renamed one of two items called Figwort. The Figwort sold in Shar Vahl has been renamed Ground Figwort to reduce confusion.
- Renamed one of two items called Drachling Silk. The Drachling Silk that was once no drop is now tradable and named Drachnid Silk.
- Adventurers have learned new techniques for fighting Cyclopes. These great beasts are now much more likely to have their eye intact when killed.
- Fixed the recipe for the potion "Soul of Incorporeal" to use a "feather".
- Fixed the recipe for the potion "Troll's Essence".
- Fixed the cast time on any 5 and 10 dose potions that were inconsistent with their single dose versions.
- General Bragmur in Iceclad should now avoid ice flows that he was having a problem crossing in the past.
- Terrorantula Silk, Feather, branch of sylvan oak, branch of planar oak, Drachnid Silk, and Drachling Silk are now stackable.
- Silicorrosive Grease is now tradable and stackable.
- Potions Aquatic Haunt and Serpents Drink no longer require reagents.
- Grandmaster Alchemist will now have a way to prove their ability.

** Alternate Advancement **

- Extended Notes now works on area of Effect songs as well as group songs.

** PvP **

- Fixed a bug with Root and Snare spells that prevented the target player character from being affected until they zoned.
- Fixed a bug with mesmerization spells being unbreakable by normal means.

** Zones **

- Fixed some text and grammar errors in Skyshrine.
- Ikurenm the Sly should no longer disappear when trying to chase his enemies.
- Repaired some "safe spots" in Echo Caverns, Paludal Caverns and Grieg's End.
- Fixed a pathing issue in Kurn's Tower that was causing some NPCs to disappear.
- The Golem Master in Charasis now looks like a golem.
- The Orc Arsonist will no longer have his torch disappear when looted (as long as he had it to begin with).
- The Sands of Fire event will now be restricted to the intended four groups. Alternate methods of getting characters into the event have been removed.
- Corrected doors in Kaladim, Blackburrow and Erudin that opened the wrong way and one door in Kaesora that was way off its hinges. Also, the Dwarves have installed a door in one of their guard huts to prevent drafts.
- Moved an oven in North Freeport that was poking through a ceiling.
- Wraith of a Shissar should no longer attack its compatriots, so they should no longer be killing it in retaliation.
- Corrected some respawn issues in the Plane of Air.
- Rallos Zek is much less likely to need to leave the arena in order to deal with his enemies...

** Miscellaneous **

- Changed "wode" to "woad" in the face picker.
- Corrected a spelling error in the text of the Purify Body ability (affect to effect).
- PCs under illusions should appear with hair if the race can have hair, even if the PC's race can't have hair. Fixed a few other bugs with illusions and their effect on hair and eyes.
- Vah Shir will now see "punches" when punching instead of "hits".
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