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Hey there. I was wondering. How hard is it to get people to go to Chardok to kill the king for the cleric epic? I am to that point on my cleric and I was wondering who all would be willing to show up and help take down the king. I am NOT making plans to do it at this time, I am just wondering who all would show up when I do make plans to do this. Also, I would need someone to lead the raid because, I have never been to chardok.
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From what I've seen with past pick up raids, you will get lots of clerics that will also want to go, necros that will want you to detour to get their epic mob and lots of enchanters that will want to pop the Prince on the way down and maybe a warrior or two that will want the Queen loot. There in lies the problem, in order to pull this off, solid tankage is needed as well as enough sustainable DPS, i.e. melee damage. So to get people...not hard, to get the *right people* is harder. Also retention is an issue, people may start taking off before you're really done. The crawl down can take an hour pretty easily and the repop times for royals is also fairly long, like 90 mins so poping each one more than once may mean sitting on your butt in one place for a long time.

Of course I'm thinking of this as an old school crawl from zone in, which after all is half the fun =). If there are other strats, people who claim that can pull MoBXXXX to zone in single or non-KoS CoTHers out there your mileage may vary.

Best of luck,

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