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Default CR in fear

hello all. if any that attended my raid on feb. 1st in the plane of fear i apologize for haveing to leave abruptly at the end. my sister was in a car accident and is ok but was shaken up a lot. my corpse is now sitting in fear near west camp. if possible i'd like to get a small rescue team together and get my corpse before it rots. i still need to reimburse the clerics that attened the raid with the cash on it and also wouldnt want to lose all my stuff.

if anyone would be able to help me i'd very much appreciate it. all i need to do is get in loot and get out 2 mins tops. need the cover to protect us while i loot then evacer can get us the hell out.

thanks all

soenous aphrpoditus
paladin of the 55th dawn
proud officer The Raenore
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Send a message via AIM to Cthen
If I'm on, gimme a hollar. I'd be more than happy to help.
57 Paladin,
Kinda Retired, yet I still play. Damn them. Damn them all to hell.
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Get a bard to train the entire zone's worth of mobs away from you. Make sure the bard has a fungi tunic and you are set.
Then just zone in, res, port out, bang, done. Make sure bard has gate potion tho ))

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you know I'm there to help ya bro!

I had about a dozen ppl ligned up for ya yesterday but u never came back on =P

Anyways we'll try again tonight!

Dragoonslair 55th Pally
Officer of <The Raenore>
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If I'm on when you do the run, Soenous, I'll gladly come to help! Thanks for having me on that raid! I had a blast (until it went pear-shaped, hehe), and learnt a lot. Least I could do is help you retrieve your corpse!
Andredien Sto Helit,
Virtuoso of the 60th missed note
Officer of Les Irréductibles

"Nobody notices what I do - until I stop doing it." -- Ancient Bard Motto
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