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Kamakasi Battlemaster
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Default VOIP & Roger Wilco

Anyone ever try this with EQ? Voice Over IP chatting. It would seem to me that it may work with EQ. I would be willing to start a server for it and give it a try if anyone would like to mess with it.

Get it here:

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Darue Ivywood
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Default re.

Been there, done that. Works good, cept for someone on a slow system/connection. When their ping gets high (due to server access usually) then their voice can become 'choppy' to those listening. But that happens with almost any game. And can be 'tweaked' out in most cases.

If you own a router and set-up a session, be sure to enable the port 3782 (or forward the port, depending on the router) for the computer hosting.

another one is called teamspeak ..

also freeware but allows you to use their public servers to setup a private (passworded) channel for your own use. (allthough I prefer RW as TS seems waay to talking under water)

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Default Re: re.

Voice chat over EQ? HELL NO. @#%$, I would lose my taste in women.
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