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Default Need computer help

After the last patch when I logged onto EQ, I had the start button and little computer icons from my desktop were blinking at the bottom of my screen.

Today I hit Alt Tab and locked up, so I rebooted my computer. Now the little blinking Icons are gone but my graphics is really dark and the gamma slide changes nothing.

I downloaded the latest driver for Nvidia Geforce2, but my EQ graphics is still really dark. Darker than if I was a human.
Any suggestions would be great. I used to have great graphics color on EQ

Thanks in advance
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Try ALT + ENTER to switch between window and full screen modes a few times see if that helps reset things.. I have a feeling mine was dark right after the patch and that cleared it up, as I recall it was darkest when running in windowed mode (and still is darker than full screen) and switching between windowed and full screen modes a few times fixed it for the most part.

If that doesn't help might be worth checking the settings on your video card, there may be something there that is causing the colours ingame to be darker than your standard desktop colours. And check you have the latest Direct X drivers too (I'm on 8.1 with a GeForce 3 and it's mostly fine).

Can't think of anything else right now (cept calling Tech Support but I don't really have much faith in them hehe) since it's gone 6am here LOL, but if I do I'll post it.

Good luck
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