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I would assume he isn't an actual gm, very doubtful he would have that much power, probably just a fellow who enjoys our server and what not.
-Argnoth Barrkeatr
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Tumy Monster
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Ive gone through 5 different CC's and now im paying with the store baught cards.

I wanted to have a char transfered from my account to my X-GF's account.

When I went to fill out the paper work I saw that it would just be to much of a pain in the ass.

So I transfered everything over and PLed the char up on her account.

Granted if the char was origonaly 50+, I would have faught harder to get the transfer done.

But if your in the same situation I was in, it will prolly be faster just to PL a char up on he other account than to screw around with them.

Tumy Monster
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