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Adom Wraithbane
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Default Necro's Epic bypass

Looks like they nerfed the necro bypass for Kraven or whatever his name is in Lake Rathe. Feel sorry for you guys it was already one of the lowest prioritys on most guilds to do list, seems its going to get pushed down even further.
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Yes, you'd think they'd have other things to concentrate on
But the bits he helped you bypass (mostly mansini herb in Chardok) really weren't that hard to do. This guy was more of a time saver than anything unbalancing; the hardest bits have always been Slimeblood of C Thule, and convincing your guild to go to the 4th isle in PoS to kill the keeper of souls
The necro epic is definately more of a PITA than some of the others, but it's also rendered obselete now with our 63 snare spell and a myriad of better primary slot items.
Lich Sakkath D'Eath
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Blessing Angel
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ya =/
rubber duckies don't do much anymore =(

Quoting from a friend, "Stupid people drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience"
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