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Default Re: level grind

<font color=fff00>With PvP, an entire different purpose to the game is introduce. Although other games have had PvP, they have not revolved around PvP. Shadowbane is bringing something entirely new to the table.</font>

Ö and with this full on PvP game will come a new set of headaches(aside from getting used to a new point-click movement interface that, although great for bandwidth, sucks balls functionality wise) that a large portion of the mmorpg player base isn't accustomed to or willing to deal with.

Donít get me wrong, I love PvP(I play DaoC on Mordred right now), but some of the sh*t that goes on really pisses me off and is easily enough to force people away from the game. The same things that caused Mordred to start with well over 2000 people and now barely see 1000 on any night will happen in Shadowbane if it ďrevolves around PvP.Ē.

Thereís always someone that has more time to play than you, eventually he will hookup with a group of people who share his over-abundant playtime and form a group/guild. At that point their combined ability to outplay and, as such, out level the general populace will prove to be a detriment to the game because of what they can do to other players. Think your town is coming along nicely, how are you going to feel when itís completely destroyed at 4am on a Tuesday night? How about when youíre minding your own business in a newbie zone and one of these upper-tier players decides that no one is getting xp that day/week, are you going to keep playing?

A lot of people think PvP is cool, but they really donít have the stamina for it when things turn to sh*t or the tides turn against them. You can start a game thinking youíre going to be the biggest and the best, but you better be prepared for an ass-kicking of Biblical proportion because, like I said, thereís always someone with more time to play than you.

My opinion of games, in general, is; having a day job and relatively normal social life shouldnít preclude me from having fun in a game. If I have to take a sabbatical from work and lock myself in a room with my computer like a hermit for 3 months so I donít get killed every 2 minutes then thatís not a game I want to play. I'm not sure itís a game anyone wants to play.
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Old 09-11-2002, 08:48 AM   #27
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Default Re: level grind

I agree that Horizons is Vaporware. I give it about a 25% chance of ever seeing full release.

Shadowbane is also Vaporware. This is its second or third time entering Beta and from the looks of it, it will be pulling out of this beta too.

I think they will eventually get shadowbane out but it won't resemble the original shadowbane vision as much as an elephant resembles a three day dead cockroach.

There is a good chance that whatever game replaces EQ as THE mmorpg is one no one will have heard of before it hits the shelves. Remember all the pre release hype of EQ? neither do I.

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Old 09-11-2002, 09:24 AM   #28
Barrymore Yorke
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Default Re: level grind

Remember all the pre release hype of EQ? neither do I.
There was a ton of hype leading up to the release of EQ, including a big-ass cover story in Computer Gaming World. Don't make the mistake of believing that what you don't remember didn't actually happen.

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Old 09-11-2002, 11:58 AM   #29
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Default EQ2

Well you guys have seen my opinions on SB, but what does everyone think of EQ2. In my huble opinion, useless as it is, EQ2 is the worst money investment Sony could make. They are basically going to "fix" EQ and upgrade the graphics and engine, but in escence, it is supposed to be the exact same game.

So wait, you want everyone who played EQ, to ditch all the play time on their character(s), only to go and start all over again on unbroken servers, and pay more to do it? Why do I find this innane? And if you don't believe me about the game being the same, explain why Befallen was the first zone "remade" in EQ2. I just don't see the point. Personally, for me, graphics aren't even the best parts of games. I have Luclin graphics off anyways because it takes friggin forever to zone with them on.

My point is, gameplay (notice how half the word is game) makes up a game, not graphics. For me, the gameplay of EQ is becoming monotonous, and basically boring. The first MMOG that comes along with something new and intriguing, and a successful and stable way of operating it, has my cash. Like I said, I'm definitely giving SB, or any other game for that matter, atleast a month of time after the release before I go out and drop a dime on it.

Enough of my senseless rambling, I'm getting sick of it myself.


P.S. And who said EQ had no hype? Did you ever open computer magazine or go to a gaming convention while EQ or an expansion of EQ was being released? Come on. Do you really think a game backed by Sony would have no press? VI could have released an online game, in which you would dress up dolls made of manure, and had press for it.
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Old 09-12-2002, 01:20 PM   #30
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Default Re: EQ2

Geez ven, I didn't think you played Mordred

Ven is right though, although from what I've read on taking over cities is it's supposed to take a long time, smaller cities I am sure will take considerably less time

Also I think the devs also mentioned in SB that the lvl tree wouldn't be like in most games.. IE: It would take considerably less time to max lvl

To be honest though I doubt that will happen
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