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Default Ubi-Soft Story

What do you guys think of it?
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I think some folks are blowing it all out of proportion.

Reading the "scans" of Ubi's site, I basically read "Please go advertise our game on other web sites/message areas, but please do so in a polite manner".

People do that kind of stuff all the time on the EQ boards. Ubi was just trying to encourage folks to do it more for some free advertising.

And the bank analogy doesn't cut it, either. Inside the bank property would usually be considered "private" property, for customers who pay for services and whatnot.

Public message areas are generally free, and are useable by everyone. The owner of these message boards could give two shits about EQ, DAOC, SB, or any other game.

Now, if these folks did this on Sony's official EQ site, I could understand there being a problem. Sony owns the site and can totally restrict the content you see there.

I dunno. I guess after reading the article, I was expecting some pretty slanderous material, but UBI worded it about as gentle as they could.

Just my 2 copper's,


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