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Default Looking for a guild....

Hiya, just to introduce myself, my name is Suntoucher GentleSpirit. I'm a 52nd Vicar of Bristlebane. Since the breakup of my former guild, Pax Familla, I am now homeless. I'm really looking for a good hearted guild to take me in, and maybe my twinks too.

My twinks are as follows:

Bramblepatch (36th Druid)
Alkehol (16th Shadow Knight) - soon to be deleted
Tuero (17th Enchanter) - might be deleted
Tengoleche (4th Monk)

I have been a officer and a guild leader. I'm a very loyal and patient person. I don't have the epic bug and don't really care about getting my epic. I don't have alot of oppertunity for raiding being that I work nights, sleep days; and my days off are usually during the weekdays.

Up to present, I haven't been worried in the least bit about the high end of the game. Its taken me three years to make 52nd because I am a casual player. However, since the breakup of my guild, I figure I might as well see what EQ has to offer and I want to work on getting my cleric up to higher levels and maybe get a little bit better gear.

I'm ideally looking for primarily a friendly guild, but also one that can do some of the plane raids. I'm also a HUGE fan of guild chat!

If anyone wants me, please email me:

Yours, Suntoucher GentleSpirit
52nd Vicar of Bristlebane
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Dalamarn Darkgem
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Default finding a guild

Something that may help in your search is the guilds link of this forum. Go out to the main Emarr forums page and click on the link that says Erollisi Marr Guild Links. Follow the links till you get to the list of Emarr guilds.

Most have a link to a homepage or bulletin board if you click on them and will let you know what the guilds' requirements and expectations are.

It may take a few visits, but you should find one that's right for you.
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Send a message via AIM to Qris
Hey, you could check out our guild website and see if we suit you. We're not a really big guild but we're closely knit. We have epic capability and we're getting to the point where we can handle some of the bigger stuff. Always helps to have an extra healer around and your alts would be accepted regardless of level

We have a lot of casual players and we have some hardcore players. Sounds like you're a big of a mix, more casual but definately ready to raid and improve equipment. is our website. Stop by, check it out, post of the message board, do whatever. See ya in game

Baron Qris - 59 Myrmidon
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