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Old 09-11-2002, 10:05 PM   #1
Zolmaz Zo Boto
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Default What is Private.. And what is Not.. ??

Tonite I received a letter from Anon claiming that
a certain neighbor has seen me wandering around my flat through my window naked..

As embarassed as I was to recieve such a letter. it seems to me
that someone has been looking to keenly into their neighbors affairs... ?

I certainly am not the sexy DUDE .. Thats a fact.
But receiving a letter from a neighbor *UNKNOWN
telling me that I should never walk around naked, Pisses me off..

Really though.. Are we not all Human ? Cannot we walk around
in our house Naked ?

I say Yes we can.. !!! DO it.. WAlk naked !!

Just tonite after I saw that letter from a neighbor I went outside in my Back yard NAKED !!! As a J-Bird...
AND OMG>. It was FUN.

I almost went all the way and broke out of my back yard.
Accept that being arrested and the fact that, well Its tough
to outrun the Cops barefoot..

Besides that though.. Someone is watching the inside of
my House and complaining to me about seeing a Fat
person.. THATS ME !!!!

WTF !!

Isn't that a privacy issue ? I don't feel violated. but it
seems the person that SAW ME IN MY HOUSE has an
issue about seeing me.. WTH !!!

If you looked out your window and seen your fat neighbor
running around his house naked, Would you write them
a letter ?? I say thats guts.. And even an ANON Letter
Weak guts..

What would you do..??

Some people just take things to far.. If you DO NOT want
to see yoru neighbor naked.. THEN DON"T LOOK !!!!!

Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Old 09-11-2002, 10:26 PM   #2
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Dude its simple...

Systematically go to each and every window in your house while you are butt ass naked and press your puckered brown starfish against every window. This might be cold at first but what do you care its revenge?

Side note, Maybe press the ol upsidedown mushroom against the window as well for an added kick.
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Old 09-12-2002, 01:12 AM   #3
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LOL thats funny, I remember seeing my neighbor when I was little... she was um... well, I stopped looking out that window early int he morning.

I guess Im a bit too carefree when it comes to walking around half naked, do it all the time, my house, no reason not to.

However, one time... when my son was REALLY young I had a lamp with a built in baby monitor, that we no longer used, and for weeks it was in my room, power ON!... finally my neighbor's teenage daughter informed me that her parents were able to listen to all the events in my bedroom with a monitor they had that was on the same frequency... needless to say Im sure they had a few interesting stories to tell.

Probably one of the most embarassing days of my life...

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Old 09-12-2002, 01:29 AM   #4
Kerryn Darkwater
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It depends really.

I'n my old place the windows on the top floor started about 2 feet off the floor, which meant if you stood in front of them anyone could see you from about the knee up regardless of where they stood.

In my new place to see me anywhere below my waist you'd have to be close to the window, and puropsely positioning yourself to get a view. The windows are much higher now.

So what you need to do is look at where you stand when your naked from the outside and try to envision how easy it would be. It you have to be looking especially for a naked fat guy your privacy is being invaded, but if its very easy to see you then you're guilty, in your own home or not, of public indecency or indecent exposure as you prefer to call it there I think.
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Old 09-12-2002, 04:08 AM   #5
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Popplo you buttcheese!! You just made me spit coffee all over my damned keyboard and my co-workers are wondering why I started choking. THAT was a funny "revenge" idea.

And I agree, give 'em something to look at!!!
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Old 09-12-2002, 05:47 AM   #6
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In the States, there used to be this concept of "expectations of privacy". You have no "expectations of privacy" when in your car, or on a public street. You DO have it in your own home.

No, it is most emphatically not public indecency to be naked in your own home. But....why cause problems? Get some blinds, or curtains for the windows, and make it a bit more difficult to see in.

If you continue to receive these anonymous letters, then it might be time for some of Poppolo's ideas.
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Old 09-12-2002, 06:14 AM   #7
Kerryn Darkwater
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Hang on...let me see if I've got this straight because there are going to be different laws between the countries.

You could buy a house next to a junior school, have full length windows installed, and stand there naked all day long and be within the law?
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Old 09-12-2002, 06:16 AM   #8
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what you failed to mention in your rant is that:

1) you live in a treehouse that is visible above the rest of the homes in a 5 mile radius.

that would not bad if not for:

2) ALL of your walls are see-thru plexiglass!!



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Old 09-12-2002, 06:41 AM   #9
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Kerryn yes you could be naked all day long in your own home no matter how big your windows were or how close you are to a school.

Now if it were obvious you were making an effort to make yourself seen naked by the public it would be a different issue.

IE your private life if your private life but as soon as you make the slightest effort to actively entice the public to look in, then it becomes non-private.

If you were just a nudist at heart and liked to walk around your own home naked, it would be up to the school to put up a hedge or a privacy fence on their property to block the view if they chose.

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Old 09-12-2002, 08:31 AM   #10
Kerryn Darkwater
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Yikes....that's just not right.
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Old 09-12-2002, 09:42 AM   #11
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I'd personally stand in the window spanking me monkey holding a sign that said...


That or Popplo's idea would work wonders as well.

It's your house. They don't want to see you naked, they shouldn't be leering in the windows (which in most countries is illegal anyway).

That's BS dude. I'd be pissed!

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Old 09-12-2002, 10:09 AM   #12
Keltarin Stormshadow
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Have you considered that maybe he really didn't care that much, he just figured he'd do you a favor by letting you know you were letting it all hang out?

In any case, don't sweat it. In fact, keep it up.

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Old 09-12-2002, 12:25 PM   #13
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Is it just me, or is "Puckered brown starfish" about the funniest phrase you read all day..

god i'm dying here..
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Old 09-12-2002, 03:19 PM   #14
Syndjinn Bladestorm
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Zolmaz was my house he was walking around naked in.
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Old 09-12-2002, 11:45 PM   #15
Zolmaz Zo Boto
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Default I am On Target..

Mean old bard balu...

Honestly, I have the letter in my hand.. but one thing freeks
me out about this.. I have no idea who the neighbor was.

I do not know who put the letter in my box..

Ok,, Here is the deal, And Yes I have since then, kept
my eyes open..

There are about 17 flats within window veiw of my LOW
Cut window shadings.. I do not keep my windows open
to the public. But they do not cover the basing of the window.

I live on the Second floor of my dupex, But I am surrounded by 3 Story Triplexes.. 6 Triplexes and about
10 secondary flAts like mine..

I Suspect that one of these Perfectionest buggers is to
blame !

AND I suspect whoever it was is just as FAT as I am !!
Thats ok though.. I can deal with that.

I WISH i had a scanner .. GAh.. I know they only cost 15
- 20 bucks But Man.. I cant reviel my full Location. Gasp.

Scanner so I can let you all see the dumb letter..

SOON, I will know who is watching me.. Im in the process of equiping my Cheapo 49.99 PoS Web cam
to my Nite vision scope.. One window at a time..
Tiker Tock, Tiker Tock.. I'll have someones ass !!

HEY,, Who knows ! Maybe someone elses ASS !!! HUh ?

And I'll post it here.. And Dammit.. I am going to Buy a New
And Improved Scanner and Post it all.. !! Um.. Accept
for the pics of my Fat Rear..

And I know You all can understand that..

Damn Gnome Investigator from hell.

Zolmaz Zo'Boto,, Damn Gnome of Emarr..
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Old 09-13-2002, 12:25 AM   #16
Zolmaz Zo Boto
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Default a thought.

I will Certainly find out who wrote the letter.

Matter of fact.. I will refrain from focusing on my
neighbors privacy.. I honestly think that would be the
bad thing to do..

So. The Right thing to do is ask the POSTMAN !!! YEA !
He knows Everyones hand writing.. And Heck. Maybe
she / He Balu whatever ,, Will tell me who wrote the
note !!!!

I Swear .. I am Working this.. *Facts,

(1)Letter in hand.
(2)Balu lives FAR away
(3)Handwriting and a close Neighborhood
(4)Postman Knows EVERYONES handwriting
(5)Make a deal with the postman
(6) Never Bribe a Government Official such as a Postman.
(7)Date the postmans daughter..
( At 39 Dating the postmans daughter isnt a good idea.
(9)Go to the nearest bar and drink it off..
(10) Fall off the bar stool and Go home.
(11)Take off my clothes and get a NEW letter.. *grumble

Zolmaz.. Oh-man Oh-man.. SEE,, I lose every time..
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Old 09-13-2002, 04:06 AM   #17
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Default Re: a thought.

I try not to walk around naked within view of a window at all. To get from upstairs bathroom to my bedroom I need to pass some windows and a door and I try to put a towel at least around my waist to cover up some.

an ex girlfriend had a main floor bedroom with a rather large window dead center beside her bed, and NO curtains. I don't know how she could change in there knowing that her neighbours in the house next door could be looking in at her, or people walking by on the street could see her at an angle.

Another friend lives in a basement room, without curtains, and she always says "I'm afraid my neighbour will come home one night and look in and see me changing or laying naked on my bed playing with myself"

you have NO IDEA how hard it is to keep myself from picking up the camcorder and a lawnchair and heading over to set up camp by her window :P
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Old 09-13-2002, 06:35 AM   #18
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Default Re: a thought.

Its probably some perv with a pair of binoculars who is more upset that you aren't a 19 year old female supermodel than that you are nekkid sometimes.
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Old 09-13-2002, 05:32 PM   #19
Syndjinn Bladestorm
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Default Re: a thought.


PS I need my boxers back.
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Old 09-13-2002, 06:16 PM   #20
The Lone Ranger
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Default Re: a thought.

I like to be naked too it's just really comfortable you know?

It's hard for me to sleep with clothes on unless I pass out drunk. Normally I sleep with boxers on though cause I live with my mother and it's not cool to be naked in front of her.

But when she's away for the night or on vacation I am naked all week!!

I say if you want to be naked in your own home, then all the power to you dude. You deserve to do what you want in your own place. So fvck those neighbors and their letters. They can't do jack squat about it, because they are looking in YOUR window.

I would go to the police and file a report about peeping toms! That will teach those neighbors to look in your window.
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