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Default Taking over the Reigns

I've been asked by the guild leader of the Sentries of Faith to take the Reigns of this organization, due to time contraints on our previous guild leader. I want to thank Ceby for all of the fine work she has done for this organization not only for the past year that I have been a part of it, but for all of it since it's inception.

Those who have dealt with Ceby and the Sentries in the past can expect the same kind of honor and assistance that has always been a part of our guild.

For those of you who have never heard of us (save in my signature on previous posts) I would like to change that and hope to see our presence grow in the Emarr community for the good of all.

And Finally I'd like to thank Toroti from Call of the Phoenix for all of his help with the crafted armor quests over the weekend.
Rorinthas Silverton
Hunter, Tracker of 40 seasons
Leader, Sentries of faith
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neat, gratz on leadership, la~
Zarney Karney <Retired>
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If your torn from something unjustly... something that you loved, and gave your heart to.... then what is left ?? ~ Zarney
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