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Default Outlook 2002/XP

Anyone knows how, or if it's possible to do an advanced search on an IP address that you got from an email header? I want to look up if I received another email from this user. I know how to read the header, I was just wondering if I could do an automated search to compare the IP address to all the other email headers.
Ogmuk <Da`Kor>
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I looked into the same thing (for differant reasons) a few months back. I was not able to come up with anything other then doing it manualy.

But if you figure it out I would love to know how
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Ice Weasel X
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Does that version of Outlook have index files with all the messages and headers? &nbsp;I know the version of Outlook Express I used to use had those, and I could run searches through those files using a text editor (as long as I didn't save any changes... bad juju).
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Ogmuk, I've never been able to find a way in any version of outlook.

However if you save your outlook personal file to the desktop and import it into Outlook Express you can, but that depends on the version of Express you have.

It seems that it's very easy to import from Express into Outlook but not the other way around.
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