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Default OT: Van Wilder DVD Bug?

This is a ways OT but I figured I'd ask here mabye someone knows a fix.

I bought the Van Wilder DVD and when I put in Disc 1 (Movie Disc) I can vie the main menu and go onto select either widescreen or fullscreen..

Once I select either of the screen versions it goes to load and goes black and never comes back.

My computer doesnt lock up as I can exit out of the program as normal. This was using PowerDVD 3.0

When I use Windows Media Player it starts and gets into the movie but after a while it crashes and windows wants to send an error report.

Then i tried it in a next door neighbors CPU, he has a completely different DVD Drive. Same thing happens with PowerDVD and Win Media Platey.

So I took it back and got another one yet still the same problem.

The guy at the electronics store said to check the region setting. I did and PowerDVD doesnt have any at all.

I have never had this happen with any CD no matter who the producer.

Any ideas?

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I had that happen when I chose fullscreen mode for the V miniseries.  I just hit the menu button to bring up the beginning again, and the black screen went back to the movie.  I haven't had any problems with it since.
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