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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Default Once apon a time.


Hi all you fancy fukers of Emarr. Spaz here to tell you a little tale.

Once apon a time,
There was once a day, when Bards were gay,
and Rangers could outrun them.
But then there was a patch that gave Bards Gas.
And Rangers got lost behind them.

Yet, one day of old, when druids were Kings, and had all that everyone desired.
Then along came the Wizards, and all went to hell,
and most druids were left claiming retired.

Warriors were Bold, leaving menstrual to Hoes, but SK's came
along and Socked it. Once the patch was in, there was no way
in sin, that warriors could compete, and said Fook-it.
Monks are tough, Better then us, And have, the run of the game.

For the last 3 years, we were left with our ears, If only, to follow direction.
But then comes a patch, to make them a match. Yet verant had no intention,
of screwing the Monk And leaving them funked. So all they recieved was detention.

For all you others you can squeam, and squalter your pain,
and bitch all that your heart desires.

Your class never mattered, and your flames are tattered,
in the Great GM hall of fame..


Zolmaz Zo'Boto (That man behind the curtain)
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Hahaha, good stuff my friend.
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cute =p

altho by subject I thought it was going to be about the cardgame ... or maybe I've been playing it too often recently
Iwka Tamuril - 64 Epic Mage - Erollisi Marr Retired
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