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Default Check it out, Mercenary Guild wars.

Since the early days of Norrath mercenary groups have existed. They offer a reasonably priced quick alternative to having your own army and many leaders have availed themselves of mercenaries throughout history. Of all the mercenary groups that have come and gone, few are more well known than Silver Creed and the Iron Skull Legion.

Few Mercenary groups hate each other as much.

Despite efforts over the years to keep the peace open war has broken between these two armies. Both sides have issued the call for new recruits, and both sides are getting them in droves. Eager to prove themselves, individuals and small groups of young mercenaries are joining up in record numbers to take part in an ages old slugmatch. Will you answer the call?

Ok, now for some details. This is going to be an event to take place on the Morell Thule server every Thursday or Friday night. If you like role playing, or are tired of the end game, or just looking for something a little different in EverQuest, then please feel free to join us.

The way it breaks down is this. Once a week on Thursday or Friday the guilds Silver Creed and Iron Skull Legion will have a guild war that will last from 6pm EST to 9pm EST; longer if participants want to keep going. These two guilds exist specifically for this purpose.

What is the purpose? Why fun of course. A touch of story and role play, mixed together with some danger and some PvP on a relatively even field. Thatís all, long and short thatís what it breaks down to.

Please check here for the rules:

The two mercenary guilds will need a bit of help forming first. If you would like to help form them and become an officer then please log into Morell Thule at 6pm EST on Tuesday, 21 January. The First battle will be on Wednesday, 22 January at 6pm EST. More details can be found at the official Message board Located here:

I can be emailed at

Thank you and I hope to see everyone there.
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Default RE:

I went over and made a char for this but couldn't find either guild to talk to. either it hasdn't generated any interest or you all get on at one time...
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More than likely you were just on at an odd time, there has been quite a bit of interest. If your looking to hook up make sure to join the chat channel Mercenary:wars and go post on the Message board.
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