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Default I love newbies.

Me and Bosley were haning in PoK with illusion: Froglok up and this woodelf comes up to us.

just had to log this...

Hairywolf says, 'Hail Bosley'
Bosley says, 'Hi'
Hairywolf says, 'Nice body'
Hairywolf says, 'When did u get the expantion'
Bosley says, 'today! hey.. you want kei? =p'
Hairywolf says, 'Plz'
You snicker softly at Bosley.
Hairywolf says, 'U monk '
Bosley tells you, 'wtf he inspected me before i asked him'
Bosley says, 'mhmm'
Hairywolf says, 'how did u lvl so fast '
You told Bosley, 'should log this and post on board '
You told Bosley, 'cracking up'
Bosley tells you, 'no kidding, that cleric was priceless too'
Bosley says, 'KATTY pl me'
Hairywolf says, 'Or is that an illusion'
Hairywolf says, 'oh but wow to lvl 65 in one day'
You told Bosley, 'omg...'
Bosley tells you, 'hairyn00b'
Hairywolf says, 'wow great pl lol katty can u pl me'
Bosley says, 'we was sproitin dorfs in butcherblock'
Bosley says, 'mad exp'
Hairywolf says, 'I bet lol daim '
Bosley says, 'no no, dain in thurg'
Bosley says, 'we guo him'
Bosley says, '*duo'
Hairywolf says, 'So katty what do u say '
Hairywolf says, 'oh'
Hairywolf says, 'hey is katty here or is she afk'
Bosley says, 'she playin 5 other chars, PL whole guild'
Hairywolf says, 'Oh'
Hairywolf says, 'hey can i have kei '
Hairywolf is looking at your equipment...
Bosley tells you, 'I can't help but speak in engrish to these people ><'
You told Bosley, 'lol'

laughed my ass off
could not even type, was cracking up.
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"Bosley says, 'Hi'
Hairywolf says, 'Nice body'"

Ha, Bosley, I know whose alt that must be!!! He's been thinking about you.
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Default cool

Kindness and generousity of others kept me in this game when I was new. It was very frustrating not understanding things as well as others. We have all been now when I see a newb I am as kind, informative and generous as possible... only if they are the real deal.
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