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Default OS group 13Jan

Hey all just a quick message to the group I was with in OS last night in the Crypt camp.

Recently I have noticed that after 3-4hrs on EQ when I get a succor I crash for some reason? And them am unable to log again! I really should have done the PP split before we succor'd to the ent. It was not my intention to run off with the pp.

I am posting here to let you all know total pp loot was under 100pp, but once I find ya in game will pay out 30pp to the 5 of ya for any inconvinience u may have went through waiting for me in game to come back. I tried once to log back in but it would not allow me to =(

Unfortunatly didn't have time to reboot cpu and re-load everything so that I could come in and split it with ya.

I have ur names at home somewhere and will look you up in game and split with ya. BTW will be in OS today from about 1pmEST to 4pm EST if u wanna come find me there.

Anyways once again Am SORRY for this and didn't mean to =(

You guys were a great group and I would NEVER run off with the group PP on purpose.

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I admire your honesty.
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