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Default Another Poetry Post

Post some poetry! Only post ones that you make up!

Quarter past 6 it was dawn
Twas out mowing Gilligans lawn
I started to flinch
I started to pinch
And out of my butt came a fawn

Little Miss Twiiligan Grimple
Had rosey cheeks and a dimple
She pounded her breast
And jumped on my chest
And sucked all the pus from my pimple

There once was a man with hot pockets
Who stole women's watches and lockets
He swallowed some cheese
And lurched out a sneeze
Then shot out a pair of snot rockets!

Ode to a bomb
Ode to a bomb
Don't tell your daddy
Tell your mom
Go tell your mom about the ode to a bomb!

Squeeze my belly
Pat my head
Fart a stinker
Now you're dead!

I wrote a poem called "The Hillbilly Floorbuffer Camp" years ago, but I lost my chagrin.

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i'd post some of mah stuff but you know me serious poems don't read well when they follow after poems like martigans;p


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There once was a Shaman from Halas,
Fell in love with a young Wood Elf lass,
He showed her his "staff",
And she had a laugh:
He din't drink a shrink potion, alas!

(Edit: okay, I made it up on the spur of the moment. needs work.)
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I liked developing a haiku for different people ingame based on their playstyle or something they said.

I wish I had made screenshots of some of them because I usually forgot them about as quick as I made them. A few were actually pretty funny.

signed (for Martigan)

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