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Default LFG (Guild)

Hello all, I will be looking for a guild here shortly, but one thing i dont see on most guilds websites is, what time zone "most" of them play in. I am now former Cries of Insurrection since there disbandment today =(. Well what i'm getting at is they were mostly on EST and raids were planned I never was able to make many week night raids. I like to attend everything the guild is doing so I am looking for a PST guild. If anyone has any information on what guilds are PST it would be much appreciated

Also i am looking for a guild with a requirement lvl of no less then lvl 50, as i enjoy raiding ALOT...Dragons, HoT, Chardok, Planes....and other such places.
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Niasa en`Valrim is primarily a PST timezone guild. In fact, if you post raid plasn in a time format other than PST, this will often cause our leader (Quichan) to do any or all of the following:

-not login, go to the bar with Kanurik and Baslisk, get drunk, and pick up fat chicks (we've advised him not to let them get on top, or he may have to tap out).

However, our current level requirement for your particular class is:

"Warrior - 58 "

So if you're interested in the least, you're better off trying to get in on our PoP XP groups, and holding off on applying for 3 more levels.
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Default Hola!

Hey Bev.

Check out Clan Autumnwood at - you've raided with us before (before you joined CoI, I think).

You'ze is good people. *grin*
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