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Medion, the problem with computers is that it's often easier to treat a symptom then find the illness. If you have the time, money and sheer bloody mindedness you could follow it right through to it's bitter conclusion.

I'm willing to bet its low memory on the graphics card though. Yes you've run EQ on this card before and it's worked fine but look at the memory as a suitcase.

When your suitcase is small you take the bare essentials. The GUI in EQ is about as essential as it gets, it must be present in every frame drawn. But there isnt enough memory for the new GUI to be held with the models and textures.

In these cases it's important to remember the goal. In this instance the goal is to remove the blurry text, not to find out what's causing it so the best bet in this situation is to borrow a friends graphics card and eliminate that as a cause.

You say this is not limited to certain cards but in this instance we might be able to lock it down to the combination.

If a new graphics card makes the problem go away, then I think you'll admit that it's a cheap fix to buy a 32 meg card these days. In fact you could always take Jubei up on his kind offer.

In principal it sucks to have to replace what could be a perfectly working piece of kit and to have to replace any piece just to play one game also sucks. You have to work out if your enjoyment from EQ > the minimum price to play it.
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Yes it is your video card.

It may be happening to other people with other video cards, but the reason it is happening to you is your video card/drivers. They are not fully Dx8.1 compatible.

Could also be the way they are interacting with your display, especially if its an LCD display.

The bottom line, if this is a laptop you are screwed.

If its a PC, donate plasma and get the $50 to buy a geforce2 400mx.

This is a symptom of people using non DX8.1 compatible drivers/cards.
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Old 01-13-2003, 01:09 PM   #28
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Here's my take on replacing your video card...

Obviously, you want to play EQ or you wouldn't be asking for any advice.

How much are you willing to pay to play EQ? ($13/mo to start, computer upgrades as time goes on...)
How much will NOT playing EQ cost you? (If you aren't entertaining yourself playing EQ will you go out to eat more, go to the movies, buy books?)

I figure that even with the computer upgrades I've paid for over the last several years of playing EQ, I've still probably saved money or at least broken even as far as entertainment expenses go. I'd still spend the money on going to the movies, renting them, buying books, buying other computer games, or buying beer to make television more intresting from time to time... Heck, I like playing video games and having a nice computer- I probably would still spend the money in any case.

That 4 meg video card that you're using is ... like... 6 years old. I'm using a card that I bought 3 months ago and I still can't turn on everything and run around in a zone like the bazaar and not have framerate issues with the new models on. A card that I bought about 2 years ago however runs the bazaar like a champ.

When I run into a problem with one of my computers, I try and fix it, try and make it work good.... but when it's a problem like yours that is definitely related to older hardware, I don't usually hesitate to upgrade. I don't go out and buy a $400 video card, but hang out a couple of generations behind the "latest and greatest" - which means that I rarely run into any big problems.

I spend my day trying to fix other people's computer problems for them- whether it's user education, a system incompatibility problem, or hardware/software conflicts. Occasionally, I recommend to these people to upgrade their system. When I do, often times, I'll pose the following question to them:

"You *could* probably continue to use that computer in its current configuration and get buy... but if you *really* want to take full advantage of xxx (the software) that you have there, you really should go out and get yyy (a bigger, faster hard drive, more ram, a different video card). In the long run, it will work better, cause you less headaches, and generally speaking, be more efficient. For $X (usually less than $60) you'll be working much much better- and if I'm wrong, you can always take that piece of equipment back."

As Ghie said, if you're using a PC, you are stuck and will have to resolve the problem with the gear that you have on hand. If you're working with a tower that you can replace the video card, I'd go for it.

I happen to have one of those voodoo2 cards in a computer here, that uses a 4mb video card that is built into the motherboard, and I won't play EQ on that system. In fact of the 5 computers at my place (between my roommate and myself) that is the only system that is currently not online. I'll set it up as a file server when I get some free time and leave the keyboard, mouse, and monitor disconnected.

If you like, I can send you that voodoo2 card and you can try it in your system- the only thing that I don't have is the correct cable to connect it to your primary video card, but you can spend $10 for a regular female-male cable and have it working with little effort.


P.S. Of course, if you're going to be spending $10 for a cable, why not spend a few bucks more and get a real video card...

They show a GeForce2MX400 w/ 64 mb of onboard ram for $33 shipped***. This is essentially the same card that I use on my 3rd (yes I know, it's sad) computer and it will run EQ with old models, and at lower resolutions etc just fine. Granted, this card is not anything near current, but it's lightyears beyond what you have right now.
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Adom, don't patronize me, I'm not a moron. I know about the Voodoo2 being a 3D only card (it's not a booster, it replaces the video card in 3D apps). I also know how SLI works.

And I did go ahead and buy another computer. Now, what if I have this same problem on my new comp? (P4 2.4ghz, 512MB RAM, Geforce4MX w/128MB RAM) Dear God I hope no one tells me I need to upgrade. Already I'm seeing people with 32MB GeForce 2s being told to upgrade due to this problem. EQ is going to be the only game to require a P3 1ghz, 512MB Ram, 64MB or better video card, and STILL look worse than Quake 2!

And I do understand the VRam on my card is lacking. I did plan to upgrade, as it was causing some problems running certain applications in tandem. However, I was going to stretch it out as long as I could.
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I totally agree Medion. It's widely accepted that EQ is a complete resource hog but what can you do? The mistake is that there is now so may textures and models they need to load that it's killing older machines.

But as far as I can see you're running EQ under it's minimum specs. Sure you've had it working before but anybody is going to point to that issue before they try anything else.

Adom's not patronising you by the way. It's very difficult to ascertain the level of someones technical understanding from posts and phone conversations which is why many tech support people come across as arrogant.
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Now, what if I have this same problem on my new comp?

Yeesh, don't break the eggs before they're layed!

Try the new system and let us know then! Don't worry about "what ifs" until you've at least tried it! That new system should ROCK!
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