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Default Where to buy Black Ceremonial coffins?

I have been looking since level 12, I am now 26. I have only found 2 places to buy them, I found them in Ak'anon and in neriak. I am an iksar necro and cant get to either city. I have created a mule on another account just to buy me coffins in ak'anon, but it would be nice if I could buy them myself. Does anyone know where an iksar can buy the coffins? and they are not in PoK, I checked the DE vendor there that sells coffins, all he has is the jade inlaid coffins (stackable and unstackable kind).
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A Clockwork Merchant (Akanon)
Merchant Issynal (Felwithe)
Merchant Aildien (Greater Faydark)
Merchant Aluuvila (Greater Faydark)
Merchant Tilluen (Greater Faydark)
Merchant Dominik (Highpass Keep)
Aarina Ratsbone (Kaladim South)
Mrysila (Northern Karana)
Bassanio Weekin (Qeynos South)
Fellesha Varshen (Qeynos South)
Raheim Varshen (Qeynos South)
Bag Merchant (Rivervale)
Emil Parsini (Toxxulia Forest)
Agar (Thurgadin)
Arrin Murij (Shar Vahl)

dunno locs for the merchants but hopefully that helps some
Luxxor Autumnwood
Kanilyo Autumnwood
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