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Default Thank Gawd!!!!

Well I have seem to find a happy medium untill the day Okinawa gets cable or other high speed ISPs on base.

Didnt think it would work but here is what I did.

I am keeping my satalite connection for reg surfing and dlin. But I also got a 56k connection. I thought I would try connecting to EQ with both the 56k connected and still having (obviously perma connected unless I yank the lan wire) the sattalite connection.

Was suprised to see that somehow it worked and I am not going ld. Can it be that the 56k can tell or pick up the upload slack for the sattalite connection?

But total monthly cost is $55 which isnt that bad considering most have to get 2 56k accounts or even more just to have enough hours. That and the Cable ive had have been $45 on average.

QUESTION: Anyone know a program (pref free) that either takes messages (Okinawa doesnt have voice mail at home) for your phone or while I am in EQ (yeah windowed now) will tell me I have a phone call?*****************

Thanks for the help once again

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