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kava stoneforge
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Talking Needed some help.............

I need some help with two things...................
First .........anyone know of any good Paladin Websites.............and second im working on the Divine Might Spell quest and it states one of the pieces is in the Garden in Mistamore..Where is that is that right by the little lake when u zone in or somewhere else???????thks
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Verno Soulkeeper
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Default PoN?

Hail Kava!
This may be stating the obvious, but
Paladins of Norrath is a top site as I'm sure you're aware.
The info in the Tomes of Knowledge forum of their message board sometimes differs from what is on the site itself.

The Divine Might walkthrough here says the ribcage is near the fountain which seems to be location 7 on the EQAtlas map .

I haven't done this quest myself, so I can't verify it personally, but I hope this helps.
Good luck!

Verno Soulkeeper
Paladin of Marr for 48 seasons.
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The garden is behind the mansion (or whatever you call the house in Mistmoore) where the cloack drop. The bone for the DM quest drop near the fountain. When you enter the garden from the ballroom, take right and you will see a little place with a fountain. The bone is on the ground.

As for a good paladin site, you cant be wrong with Paladin of Norrath. But you will find all the information you need on the PON board:
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