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Default Something I found out, maybe you didn't know......

So, In RL I'm sitting here in Bosnia right now and besides watching the large, grey bodied crows with black wings fight over pieces of garbage, I have nothing really to entertain myself with except two things. (well, besides hide in my room at night, naked and ranting like a lunitic and conjuring up schemes and soloing tactics regarding EQ, which I can not play ATM)

"Hi. My name Is Bob, I am an EQ addict."

First, my counterpart at work has an X-Box. Yes, the very item of evil pop-up ads on this very board. The advertisment we all hate. Well, we watch movies with this X-Box and sometime ago, we both ran out of movies to watch. We were in luck. Just off base there is a collection of shacks that sell all kinds of pirated (did I say pirated?) I mean, 'lesser quality' CD, DVD, MP3 & videos for such a small price, it's not even funny.

Drum roll please.....

We discovered that the X-Box plays both region 1 & 2, PAL and NTSC DVDs. Pretty cool, eh? BTW, this X-Box was purchased at the PX (the local K-MART for the Military) so It's an American product. Next, we will go down and purchase a region 3 and a region 6 DVD for less than a bottle of soda from the airport and see if it works too.

OK, so what do I occupy my time with if it's not movies? Well, we (6 or 7 co-workers) play Medal of Honor with a few expansions on either Free for All or objective based team play. Doing this, -ALMOST- makes me want to switch to a PvP server in EQ. When I get home. I guess I'm just fortunate to get to go back home BEFORE EQ is driven in to the ground and buried forever!
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play half life teamfortress and counter strike then. Kicks the schitz nitz out of medal of honour.
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Anything you can do to stay safe and um... sane?... over there is good! God bless hope you get home soon!

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