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Now it will take at least one (or two?) groups to clear to Mauvin to get the pre-flag. Death Row is a popular camp, so it might not be too bad to get to him still during peak hours.
I can see Pacify working for this...but in no way do you need 2 groups! My little regular group of 5 like to hunt Death Row for XP and can clear it no problem. I (being a Cleric) got my Mauvin flag at late level 46.

Last night I was using pacify regularily as we moved up and down the hall laying waste. Made almost 4 gold bars of XP in about 3 gold away from 49 now.

Our group make up:
Cleric - 48 almost 49 now
Warrior - 50/51ish
Druid - 47 probably close to 48 now after last night
Shaman - in the 53 to 55 range I think
Mage - 62 or 63

Sometimes we have the 6th slot filled with another guildy depending on who's around. Last night we had a 60 Warrior as well for a good part of it.

Our druid was a bit late getting on so we were able to run a couple of other people through to get their tags last night, so all was good! I also don't mind people following along our progress to get their tags as long as they don't screw up our battles. Well worth helping others when they are nice as well and provide a nice refresh of Aego(we provided the dots) and KEI

My pacify at level 48 worked great there.
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