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point systems suck

i think they are a lot easier on officers though, they dont have to put up with the "why did you give so and so get this item" thing that always happens. i can see why some prefer them
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How well loot systems work depend mostly upon the attitude of the would-be-lootee

i do not expect the officers of my guild to tolerate excessive whining, regardless of loot system. if you find yourself having to question your leadership's decisions frequently, be it in /tells or /gu say or whatever, then you are in the wrong guild, or you need to adjust your attitude.

1. Try to make yourself available to help out friends and guildies at least 7/10 ths of the time you are online.

2. At least a couple times a month completely sacrifice something you want to do/get for someone else's benefit. it will keep rewards in perspective, and the ph4t l33ts syndrome at bay

ive tried to play this game by these two points and it all comes back you know. The few injustices ive witnessed are far outweighed by the look you imagine on a friend/guildies face when you help them camp that god-awful quest item, or pass on a drop that you know theyve wanted forever.
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Default Point System is Weak

The point system is not a very good way to award loot. I hear most people say that it rewards people who show up the most. But, just because someone shows up for raids more than someone else, doesn’t mean that they are more valuable to the guild. That would be like saying a student who never misses a day of class gets an “A” and a student who missed 5 days that semester can only get a “B”.

For example, how many people do things OUTSIDE of the raid scenario to help the guild? When with a certain guild, I helped several guild members get their POV/POS flag long after I already had my flag. Back in other guilds, I helped members get their epics, helped with tough Corpse Recovery’s, farmed items for the trade skill masters, gave upgraded loot to newer members that I could have sold for pp, and so much more. These things were done because I wanted to help another person.

And what about the things that people do outside of the game such as the person who runs the Website, or the person who makes long distance calls to get someone else to log in for a tough fight, or even more important, the person who is available when someone else needs a friend.

Now to the other side, the loot itself. If a guild becomes “Vindi Capable”, the first Vindi BP goes for 50 points, but by the 10th Vindi kill, around a month later, that same BP goes for 10 points. So the first person pays 40 points more to get the BP for a few weeks longer than the later person. The loot is the same, yet the point cost changes dramatically.

So to reward a person just for “showing up” is a very weak argument. I have seen guild members show up JUST for a raid, and even seen people JUST show up for a raid on a MOB that dropped gear for their class. Also, I have seen some people show up JUST to get the “point” and could care less about the raid or guild. If the guild policy says you must be on a raid for 2 hours, and someone says “Opps, gotta run” after 2 hours and one minute, how valuable are they? They are never their for any other guild activities such as epic fights, experience groups, item farming, faction farming, Ring Battles, war’s, etc…

So what is the best loot system, it depends on many factors. Things such a raid attendance, attitude, willingness to help, how much of an upgrade, skill, and more should be considered by a “loot committee” for each raid.
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It is like Vendrix said, the only people who complain about points are euros. Hehehe

Seriously, I liked points because it allowed me to save up for the items I really wanted when I played. I remember when I bought Dain's ring, I looked up everyone that wanted his ring and I made sure I saved enough points to outbid them all.

What is strange about point systems, is the people who typically have the most points or earn the most usually spend the least. When I played, Popplo and Dabiggun had the most points of all the guild, yet spent way less then most of the other members.

No system is perfect, but no one can argue against someone who has the most raid time.
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No system is perfect, but no one can argue against someone who has the most raid time.
Sadly, I've been guilded with people before who have found ways.
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