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Default java script problems... need help pls

hey peeps, i have found a few scripts that do part of what i need but none that will do it all... im not too good at scripting so i figured i would come here for a little help if anyone knows this stuff. what i need is a script that will rotate banner ads, but not just one ad, 4 ads each with multiple images. there will be a banner ad at the top of the page then 3 down the side. i need the script to change all 4 ad locations at the same time but each location use a different set of images, not shared. also it needs to work with layers and have a counter function to count how many times each banner was shown and clicked on. i can find little scripts to do all of these functions except they will only rotate one ad, not 4, and they arent all put together in a package. my questions is, can anyone write code well enough to do something like this or maybe edit code enough to merge some snippets of code together to make it one big set? my thought is that it needs to be written from scratch because i have tried to manipulate the code to get it to do what i want but doesnt seem to work no matter what i do. anyway i appreciate any help you guys might be able to offer, im kinda stumped at this point.

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