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Default Forgotten Guard Rules!!!

I just wanted to let EVERYONE know how much I appreciate this guild

After only hanging out with them for one evening, they happily helped me to attain my next epic peice off of Ixiblat Fir. They patiently waited while the spawn time finally came and then there was no Pop Blackwoof waited with me at the spawn point where the turn in took place and while I gated he pulled the "meanie head" to the beginning of zone. He was AWESOME!!!

They all stayed positive while we were all killed by the HUGE FLAMING MOB Ixibilat, some of us more than once /sniffle
And then they even called in reinforcements to get our revenge on him! I told you all that THEY RULED!!!

Ive offered and continue to offer my help, allegiance and support to them whenever they need me.

If any of you have anything nice to say about this guild FEEL FREE hehe or if there is a guild that you need to send praise to, DO IT.
Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for people is spread the word about how nice they were to you.

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Send a message via Yahoo to Taevitus
That's cool that they helped you out. An act of kindness goes a long way.
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