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Was just wondering. Dirtbags from the missle wing got thier damn missile mover stuck in the middle of the grass area at the academy. My unit was there with our equipment at the time. After watching em goof off for 45 mins trying to get it unstuck we went over to assist. Next thing I see is a rather Large officer headed our way. Being a Dumb SrA I stepped up and saluted him. Next thing I notice is the Damn Star and this guys Chewing my arse because we are moving vehicles during the Lunch time formation. Later that day I actually got an appology from the Brig. Gen. (after my Capt went to his office to make sure he knew it was the other freaks moving the vehicle).

Basically wanted to know if you were involved so I could start training ya daily for a month as payback ). jk.

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Default WTF!!??

Jeez, I sold my soul last year to the Army for a mere 7K for a second zone bonus for 8 years!
I feel like shooting myself right now..... (

leave it up to the Air Force! Damn swoopies! LOL

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Seanchan ActiveWorlds
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Default Re: WTF!!??

Ah, a trip down memory lane with all of the references to places and times. I thought I'd toss out my stuff in case there are any who can relate.

Received commission as 2Lt in 1984. Worked in target intelligence for SAC, building nuke B-52 missions to places in the old Soviet Union. I used to activate nuclear warheads with my little briefcase computer - static electricity could ruin your whole day (I remember standing in a puddle of water in a weapon storage bunker while trying to activate a gravity bomb warhead). Had a little side assignment to Saudi Arabia to support AWACS and tankers during the Iran-Iraq War in 1987.

Was in Korea during the Olympics - got to attend the games. I was a captain over a target intelligence shop at Osan AB where we converted the F-4 wing into an F-16 wing. Transferred to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas in 89 to begin teaching target intelligence to B-52 and B-1 aircrews in the old SAC Tactics School. Took a side trip back to Saudi Arabia to serve as a target intelligence officer during the Gulf War. I worked up all of the F-117 and F-111 attacks against the Iraqi airfields and some of the buildings in Baghdad. Also served as the primary liason with the RAF and French Air Force concerning Iraqi airfield attacks (Flt Lt Steele, RAF, are you out there?). Reassigned to South Dakota at Ellsworth AFB to build a target intelligence curriculum for the first official bomber division of the AF Weapons School. Authored a text book on target intelligence, using lessons learned from the Gulf War - but even I no longer have access to it since it is classified.

Was a victim of the huge draw downs in 1992 and found myself a civilian with a year's severance pay. I never forgave Bush Senior for raping our forces during that time period (only time I did not vote Republican) - 35,000 Air Force were RIF'd (layed off).

Thus ends my Air Force remembrances. I am still on the books today as a reserve (inactive) captain, but am far too old and out of date to be of any value to them today. Two years from now I could have retired from the Air Force had I been allowed to remain. Instead I am a school teacher, teaching science and technology to kids.

No regrets - but am still disappointed in the fools who attempt to lead our military today.

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