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Old 12-30-2002, 08:13 PM   #1
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Question Whats wrong with my account?

On Saturday December 28th I came home form work to find that I had gone linkdead. I had my trader logged on for 72 hours while i was out of town. When I left for work on Saturday I was still logged on in the Bazaar.

When I returned from work my computer was on the windows main screen. I run Windows ME.

I tryed to log on to my account and the following message:

Error 0016: The Station Name or
Password were invalid. Please check
and try again. Note the password is

I have tryed for the past 3 days to resolve this but everytime I get the same message.

I have tryed to log on at 4 different friends houses to no avail.

I am able to log onto my roommates account with no problem. When I was on his account i /petitioned that my password no longer works and the GM said that there is nothing that he can do, sorry.

I have called the customer service line at 1-858-537-0898 and their message says that they are closed from Dec 24 thru Jan 2.

I feel that my account has been hacked or something. I am the original owner and have been online for about 3 years with the same account.

I have heard of this happening on ebayed accounts but never on one that is an original.

My password is 14 chars long with both numbers and letters that would mean nothing to anyone. I have never given my account information to anyone, including my roommate.

If anyone knows what could have happened please post here so I can get my account back.

Cibola Stratocaster
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Old 12-30-2002, 08:19 PM   #2
Arnwolf Magnuson
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Sounds like the most likely culprate would be...roommate or trojan. I'm assuming you trust your roommate, so I won't go there.

A trojan is a program that people can use to install other programs and control your computer. So if they had a keylog activated, they could find your password. Although this would be fairly tough, it's "possible".

Could just be a Verant screw-up too.

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Old 12-30-2002, 08:52 PM   #3
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Send a message via AIM to Qris
This has happened to me before. As long as you're the original owner you can have a new password sent to the email address the account is registered under. Think you just go the the SOE or EQ website and go through their password process thingy. They'll send you a new password and everything is all better

Hope whoever did it doesn't screw with your stuff. In my experience I've come back with a new pw and absolutely nothing was changed. However, I have some characters on other servers that I didn't create. It was probably the keylog, but I'm pretty sure you would have had to download that from someone. Maybe a UI?

Qris - 58 Myrmidon
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Old 12-30-2002, 10:05 PM   #4
Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Imgine if you will,

And then there is the dreaded and most feared, Makes my puter hurt just thinking
about it. Imagine all them divorces caused over a few
strokes.. Of the keyboard I mean.

Nuff said.. Now go kick some ass !!
Wait. who's ass ?

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Old 12-31-2002, 07:08 AM   #5
Rivervale's Finest
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Default re:

Go here NOW!!

after you use this to change your password ( assuming you still have access to the original email you used to start EQ or maybe the email that was registered with your sony station account ) then run a full virus check on your system - dont read the new password email or use it until you have figured out how the old one was cracked.
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Old 12-31-2002, 06:01 PM   #6
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I used the same email that i have had since 1997 on hotmail. Sony has even email me at this email. When i input the information that it was requesting it says the following:

We're sorry, but we could not validate this account. Some of the information provided does not match our records. Please check your information below and try again.

It asked me for my birthdate and i gave it to them do they mean my personal (thats what I gave them) or the date I started playing everquest (which i dont remember the exact date)

I'm confused
Hopefully on the 2nd of Jan. when the shiotty shiotty CSR's return after their week long vacation they can help me out.

Ive been told that there are 200,000 current subscribers on everquest (info might be dated but close enough) 200,000 x $13.00 = $2,600,000 a month in just subscription fees. Everquest has been in operation for about 4 years now. So not counting the people that have canceled their account lest say that just 200,000 people have purchased the game with expansions for $80 x 200,000 = $16,000,000.
So lets get a grand total for shits and gigles:
2,600,000 x 4 years = $124,800,000 + $16,000,000 = $140,800,000

OK so for 140,800,000 dollars they can't give us friggin 24 hour customer support blows my mind.
Cibola Stratocaster
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Old 01-01-2003, 06:52 PM   #7
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Don't forget TOLL FREE 24 hour support. Not everyone can afford to stay on hold for excruciatingly long periods of time on a long distance phone call.
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Old 01-02-2003, 06:39 PM   #8
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Finally EQ CSR's were home and they helped my get back online and get a new password.

They said that since Iwas on for 79 hours when the servers went down it automaticlly reset my password.

Thanks for your help and support during my down time.
Cibola Stratocaster
Bard of the Old World
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