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Default Help!!..Sound Problems!

Can anyone here help me. My sound is really messed up, here's the deal, when I try to play music or anything that uses sound its really distorted. This is easily identifed by some of the MP3's I play. First off, I have a built in sound card on my motherboard. Its an Abit IT7, I have GE 5 piece flat panel speaker system(easily found at your local Target store) It has 4 flat panel speakers and a subwoofer. As of a few days ago the sound became distorted, my subwoofer no longer works.(all of the sound comes out of the speakers and the sub just sits there) I figured that maybe my mp3s were messed up so I put in an audio cd, same thing.

Next I tried putting in headphones, I thought maybe my speakers were messed up. I have 5 inputs for sound some colored ones and a black one. I put my headphones in all of them and the only one I got sound out of was the one that my speakers were in. Oh, I'm also using the Windows Media Player 9 beta, but i tried other audio programs and I got the same thing. I'm no computer guru but i did check the device manager and it says all my stuff is working fine. So, I assumed my computer was wrong and I either figure that my drivers are outdated or my sound card is broken. But the funny thing is i have not downloaded anything at all for at least a week. And everything worked fine up to 2 days ago and I dont know WTF to do.. Any ideas???
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Darue Ivywood
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Default re. Sound Problems

real easy way to see if your device became corrupt..
have Windows CD handy (or since on-board, MB CD)

open control panel / system / device manager.

Click on sound card

click remove

click ok

click 'yes' to reboot.

after reboot..

should say found new hardware and attempting to install drivers for it.

Follow setup directions.

Only takes a couple minutes, but sometimes if the device is Fubar'd the system wont recognize it which immediatly lets you know whats up.


Personally, I say ditch the on-board crap anyway (working or not) and get a real sound card. If I remember correctly, ABit uses something like a RealTek soundcard thing that isnt compatible with alot of different software. (I didnt think anyone actually used the onboard sound/video)


And if you do get a real sound card, before you put it in, be sure to disable the on-board one in device manager to avoid conflicts.

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BAH!! Dar She BLOWS!!!!!I dont know what happend(My guess is that the drivers were fooked), but I did what you said and it works now. Thks!!
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Old 09-23-2002, 09:26 PM   #4
Darue Ivywood
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Default re.

Yousa welcome..

but do yourself a favor and go out and buy a soundblaster live or similar, it will save you compatibility issues that may arise with different games and such, as well as boost your performance (a slight boost is better than no boost ).

if its not your system (maybe parents ? hell I dunno)
disable it and tell them it dont work..hehe

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