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Default It's ALIIIIVE!!!!!!!

Heya all, i know yall tired of seeing me. I just wanted to post to those that care. With the return of Aaedias, his wife Kulani, playing again, and the awesome friends he has, i have decided to restart up Clan Autumnwood. Thank you all for the tells consisting of "Hey your back and CA is too, great!!" and the likes. I feel like i am most comfortable with the CA tag on me. Also this is a bit of a cheap tactic to get osme interest in my guild. We are currently recruiting all classes. Level 50 min 55+ prefered. We wont ever be uber, but we still kickass when needed. Any interested parties can visit or send me an email at

THe charter and page is a bit outdated, give me a couple weeks to update and all that jazz.

Either way, im glad to be home.
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Welcome back (bump for good people)
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Welcome back Ranger!

I was on an alt in Mistmoore yesterday, and was pleased to see Kulani and the CA tag.

Wishing you all the best,
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Yeah welcome back - and no worries - it was a pleasure to take care of your drama queens for you for a while. You are welcome.

Good luck.

--Shirkan (retired)
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