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Default LFLNG - Looking For Late Night Groups or Warrior Personal Ad

I read the boards on a regular basis but rarely post so I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. Name is Hectorx Bloodgood, 53 Human Warrior. I am in the Pendragon Society, formally in Cries of Insurrection (left on good terms). My play times are after 11pm CST on weeknights and a little on weekend when I'm not doing something with my wife and daughter.
I have been playing for about 14 months and know the role of a Tank well. I have decent gear, use hotkeys to call my shots and assist keys to target what the puller or Enchie has targeted. The only part I may be lacking in is my pulling skills, ask my friends and guildies about Hecx trains
So the point of this? I have been having a hard time finding groups lately. (I need to get a few more levels before I will be an effective tank for most guild groups) Recent discussions on the boards said that many people wont give someone they donít know a shot in a group. Well you can't get to know someone if you donít give them a shot. Hopefully if you see me in Velks, OS, KC etc you'll give me that shot and we can get to know each other. If you are a late night player like myself and need a tank send me a tell and see if I'm free.

Hectorx Bloodgood
53 Warrior
Pendragon Society

Gorott Bloodmoon
20 Barbarian Shaman

15 Ogre Shadow knight
Hectorx Bloodgood
Warrior - Pendragon Society
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Send a message via Yahoo to Taevitus
As I am nearing the 50's, who knows? Maybe we will cross paths, you wont see me inore you because I do not know you. (You got a Trakanon Idol? ) Anyways, anyone who refuses to group with people they do not know are missing out, sure, there are always going to be assholes, but some of the best players in EQ might go right past them because they are Xenephobes (correct wordage?).
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