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kava stoneforge
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Question Looking for help...........

I was working on my Soulfire quest for my paladin epic and was wondering if anyone knows the exact location of where the beggar pops to get blanket from and if just buyin the droms makes him pop???

Also a side note any suggestion for where a lvl 42 paladin can hunt??
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Not sure I will ever do Soulfire *shrug* maybe later on in my Paladin's career. Can't answer that question. As to whre to hunt? Well...

Lower Guk is awesome xp, best to bring your own group though, most people there are level 55+ and there for farming/questing/faction.

I hear Dawnshroud peaks is nice, but I didn't really like it..maybe you will?

As much as I do not like the Dreadlands, you got to admit, it has good xp.

I do not have much experience in Nagafen's Lair, but I hear it has decent xp.

Giants and Kodiaks in the Great Divide are good xp.

If you can get to the bottom of Crystal Caverns, you can rake in some nice xp at 42.

At 45, I am now checking out Echo Caverns, the underbulks are light blue, they might be blue to a 42? Anyways, rumor is the Taskmaster and other mobs in Echo make good xp for people in their 40's.

Burning Woods, I am not sure how many people hunt there, you might have to bring your own group. If you need a shoulder upgrade, Gullerbitch drops the Tattered Mantle.

From what I have heard, there are some places in the Overthere where a low 40'sh can make xp.

The Raider room in HighHold Keep is rumored to be good xp up until around 45.

Hope that helps!

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Verno Soulkeeper
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Default The beggar

Tykar Renlin pops around the left hand side of the bar (if you're facing it) in the same spot as a few other mobs that frequent the Seafarer's Roost.
Buying the Drom Champagne does not make him pop.
I read a lot of reports on his pop time and they all differed so greatly that I came to the conclusion that he can pop at any time.
Concensus does seem to be that it is during the game night though. He eventually popped for me at 5am, which I guess still counts as night.
You just have to stand there and wait for him.

As for hunting at 42, Dawnshroud is pretty good, easy xp but there is no loot there at all. Wolves and Zelniaks will still give you xp but be careful of Wolf adds, they can take you down pretty quick. Also you if you get into a hopper group the xp will be OK.

If you have some company though head for the graveyard in Katta. The undead there give good xp, drop coin and if you fight just outside the gate, you will not get any adds.
Spawn the mobs by running over graves. Usually you can get one at a time, but have Spook the Dead memmed in case you get two.
Fear one, fight the other; rinse; repeat...
Be wary if there is some evil type pulling the guards into the graveyard to kill them. Sometimes they accidentally spawn one of the undead and don't kill it. If this happens at the same time as you have a double spawn of your own, you will likely have a problem. Fear them and run to the zone because the guards won't help you.

At about 45/46 you will probably be able to solo the area with your undead spells up (especially IoN of course) but it is risky to try it before that. I went there at 45 though and usually found someone to double up with... usually another Pally in fact.

Have fun!

Verno Soulkeeper
Paladin of Marr for 48 seasons.
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