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Default Crombattleaxe and Theodwyn.

Crom: I have been looking for you the last few nights about those Gems that you wanted me to imbue for you. I went ahead and got that spell so should be able to do it for you anytime that you like. If not shoot one our Members a tell in game and if not busy then I am sure that one of the officers would be able to log goody online and Do them for you. I will be AFK till Monday morning, due to 12 hour works shifts. However you may be able to get in touch with my RL Roomate, Ambien and he could also log in goody and have the gems done for you.

Theodwyn : hugs hun I have missed you, hope that all is well and dont be a stranger. Last time I have seen you was in the Nexus about 3 months ago just as you were returning to EQ from a Long hiatus.

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