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Default Rowdy router

Ok been having problems going ld with eq and sure its something with my isp router.

Want to try this fix given from EQ

1. Open Internet Explorer, enter in the address box and press enter.
2. You will be prompted for a username and password. By default there is no username, and the password is admin.

3. Once you've gotten past the log in you should be at the Forwarding tab. Click on the Port Triggering button.

4. Once you've done this, a new window will appear. Fill out the ports as follows:

Application name: everquest
Trigger port range: 1024-65535
Incoming port range: 1024-65535

If your firmware shows the options, check the TCP, UDP and enable boxes, then click APPLY.


But everythime I try to goto that site listed I never get prompted for a user name or password I just get the "Page Cannot be displayed" message.

Any ideas why its not working?
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Default Subject

What router are you using?

Try using just
This is what address I use to access my router.

I havn't had any problems playing EQ with my router so far.. I havn't had to open ports or anything...

Let me know if this works.
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what you posted there is how to open the forwarding page of a LinkSys Router.

(for the previous poster, its the same thing as the cept with the /forward.htm takes you to the forwarding page)

Now, If your ISP is using a home version of a LinkSys Router, something tells me you (well, they) have more problems than that

Also, if your able to adjust your ISP's router from the outside world, they have a serious security issue.

Now, the only way you should be able to adjust the router is if its on YOUR network. the 192.x.x.x denotes a class C Private Network unable to be viewed (for the most part) from the outside world.

If you are able to tap into the ISP's router, I would think twice with being with that ISP. Your computer is wide open to everyone and anyone if that can be accomplished.

You said earlier your on a base...go talk with the system admins before even attempting with messing with such things. It can be considered a security breech if the router(s) are located on the base and get unauthorized access, which will prolly get you into the brig. (hell, even most companies wont let their employees access such things, and if they do access without permission..its usually grounds for termination.)
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Heh. I use a RedHat Linux box running ipchains for a router. Much easier for me.

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