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Kalrie Healingmirth
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Default new druid and shaman heals

I saw someone make an excellent point about the new heals and healer agro... (even though I rarely draw agro on a complete heal now unless it lands in the first 2 seconds of a fight and I think its been that way for quite a while if my feeble memory serves correctly)

What's the average hp/ac of a druid who can cast this new heal? I can usually manage to keep myself alive by DAing or spamming myself with quick heals with my weak-for-a-plate-class 1100 ac. Hopefully smart druids of this level have learned how to avoid being summoned. And Shamans of this level have come to expect it

(assuming this info is correct

/boggle that the spells have the same mana cost and one heals potentially heals 1k more, but I don't know enough about Canni to guess where the nerf stick is aimed.
Torpor is a 200/1200 heal over time, right?

The druid complete-type heal (Tunare's Renewal) - 400 mana, Increase Hitpoints by 2925 (75% max).

Kragg's mending (shaman) 400 mana, Increase Hitpoints by 1950 (75% max).

both level 58, Pulled from

curious halfling,

Kalrie Healingmirth
High Priestess of Bristlebane
Officer of Vivix Protectorate

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