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Default Patch Message 12/19/02

December 19, 2002 3:00 am

** Zones **

- Spectral Parchments, Ethereal Parchments, and Glyphed Rune word drops have been increased significantly in the third tier Planes of Power zones.
- The trials within the Halls of Honor have been changed slightly. Please proceed with caution.
- Several Planes of Power NPCs are no longer angered quite as badly when they notice a healing spell being cast on a player they are angry with.
- Made improvements to the Planes of Power quest armors.
- Assorted quest, item, and dialogue fixes.

** Planes of Power Zone Progression **

As most know, progressing through Planes of Power zones requires that certain tasks be performed. In many cases, one of the tasks required involves being on a raid that defeats a particularly powerful foe.

One side effect of this progress is that if the tasks were not accomplished in a particular order, a person on a raid may not gain the flag for completing the event, as they did not complete the prerequisite tasks.

The majority of "zone boss" style encounters in the first three tiers of Planes of Power zones have been changed to allieviate this problem of completing tasks out of order.

As of today, if you defeat one of these foes and do not have all of the prerequisites completed to receive the flag at the end of the event, you will be able to go back and complete the tasks that you have not yet performed.

Once you've done that, you may speak with the Seer in the Plane of Knowledge who will make sure that you are then able to progress as if you had performed the tasks in their proper order.

- The EverQuest Team
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thank ya, was wondering what it said, but didnt have time thi smorning lol
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