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Default Virus from Caster's Realm?


It seems we all got an early christmas present yesterday after a Klez virus managed to successfully spoof the right email addresses to send you all a copy of it's lovely virus.

The Klez virus only affects Windows based machines. So Mac & Linux users will not be affected.

You can learn more about the virus and download a free cleaner for it from this address:

We have taken steps to ensure this should not happen again, but it is important if you use the internet these days (especially on windows based machines) that you consider purchasing a virus checker to help protect your systems.

Hope you all have a great christmas.

- Baelish"

This is from an email I recieved, from Caster's Realm, I downloaded the scan thing, but said I did not have the virus files. Anyways, anyone know anything about this virus, or what it does? Was not mentioned, I am about to go to sleep, so I didn't really look too hard, heh heh.
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The virus doesn't actually do anything. It just replicates itself insanely all over your system.

It's interesting that Casters have suggested using a virus checker ( and they're right ) but Klez isn't killed by any Virus programs. You have to use the specialist removal tool.

So far I've discovered that the only way to ensure you don't have a virus is to never insert a floppy disc, or connect to the net ever again.
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The funny thing about Klez is that it impersonates others. I get email complaints all the time about someone from my network sending someone a virus. When I ask for the headers it always shows another ISP as the orginator. We do not permit inbound or outbound executable attachments here, which has really cut off any virus problems. If you need to communicate a executable to us, we ask the sender to zip it.

Always check the headers on your messages before you complain, if it is Klez, it's most likely not the person whom the message was from.
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