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Smile I'm Back

After a year of various other games, I'm back.

Stopped playing Gheckoh last November. Put her in Crushbone for a few days killing orcs. Half the elves in Kelethin and most of the dwarves in Butcherblock love her now. Imagine my surprise though when I logged in one night with a 46 monk and was the low person (of six) in the zone.

Stopped playing Nollid 2 years ago at level 35. Dinged 39 last night and finally got to scribe those spells I bought when I hit 31. Woohoo! I got a 100 point heal now. Spent the last couple of days killing mushrooms and zelniaks. Reminds me of the gators in Oasis -- great experience but no loot.

From what I've been able to determine in the past two weeks I've been playing, Nollid is the only character left with "The Clan" guild tag.

Nollid DaGunny
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Default Welcome Back

Lots of folks probably don't remember you, but you are one of the very first characters ever created on Erollisi Marr. Good to see you back, you have lots of catching up to do, Norrath has grown quite a bit!!

Your Old Friend
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