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Stacy the Druid
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Default New UI crashes?

Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice perhaps or maybe its just the game itself.

A friend of mine bought a new video card. 128mg ddr ram with 4x/2x compliant. Every time she gets into a zone the computer locks up. We have determined that it cant be the video card itself, we beleave, because the other games like Diablo 2, Descent 3, Rainbow 6, Anarchy Online, and several others work beautifully with no lag at all or drags. Processor is 2.4 GHz, Ram is 1,024 megs.

Is anyone else having a problem with lock-ups? Seems when we turn on all the graphics possible and open the spell book is where it tends to crash the most.

We though about lowering the in-game graphics a litttle, but why should we when we put so much into the computer to make it the monster it is today.

Any help, comments, and / or advice would be appreciated.

Thank You Stacy
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If you just did this during the latest patch, the above thread might help you.

If not, make sure you loaded all the drivers correctly AND in the specific order Sony recommends at their website. That's game drivers, video drivers, everything.

You could search by topic on video problems, and try the tech support area of various EQ boards as well. EQ's tech support boards actually aren't too bad, though the good advice usually comes from players and not the company reps.

Good luck,
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