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Default Leveling now as compared to 2+yrs ago and other "changes"?.

Is it just me... or is it alot easier? I had a troll sk 2 yrs ago w/the racial and class penality. It took me forever just to hit 45, and the hell levels hurt. Now w/my Ikky SK I just cruise...

My pet seems more lethal. I remember that he was pretty useless back I've seen him tank a low blue and give a blue (deep) a good run. What gives...? Hey..maybe the E-crack is better now?

My shield bash seems better. I messed w/a twinked Erudite SK before I quit and he had good str after all the items and such. His bash was pretty useless. My Ikky seems to be able to deal some good DM w/his shield.

I was told there are no hell levels till 50.

Wow.... this is awesome. That was one of the reasons I quit EQ. I simply didnt have the time to keep my troll at a level where he could hang w/the peeps I knew. Oh... and soloing for basicly his entire "life" was a booboo as well.

Lets see.... any changes on the SK spell line? It looks the same so far.

People seem more chilled out now...friendlier? Once again... its prob just the E-crack making the virtual world seem so rosey.

Thank you
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Couple of spell changes:

Disease cloud isn't quite the taunt it used to be. When they changed slows to have a disease counter for dispelling, they FUBAR'ed the aggro on them. So to fix that they had to lower the aggro on disease spells. To compensate SKs now get aggro increasing spells. These are buffs you can cast on anyone actually and they increase the aggro a player generates.

I have been using the first one we get and I am pretty impressed with it so far. Now I am only a level 42 SK and have only used these in xp grouping environments, so YMMV.

We also get a nice couple of DD spells with PoP. Spear of Disease at 34 and Spear of Somethingelse at 49. They have fairly long recast times, but you can cycle them to dramatically increase your DPS.

I am sure there are other changes.
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Probably another change is that 80% of the people you'll be grouping with have at least one other character above 50. So they have some idea how to play the low end game. That always help make things go a little faster. And the gear that filters down to people levelling up is much better than what it was 2 years ago...
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Heh I was discussing this with friends recently. My first character was a Human Magician, Dyce Steelslinger, created the day the server came up (played on Xegony before this one came up), and he had around 30 days /played when he was level 35. Back then mages were pretty broke (broke as in they didn't work.. pets didn't dual wield.. pets were weak.. had no way to heal thier pets.. nothing else to help them compensate for the fact that thier pets sucked)

so I decided to start over and created Gurglespit Fruggybasher. I managed to level a bit faster thanks to the then uber Mithril 2 Handed Sword that my good friend Melakie gave me after stumbling into this wierd zone called lower Guk, dying in the mino caves, and being rescued by some kind cleric with a wierd name... Vendrix or something silly like that. With that sword and the suit of Full crafted Dyce and his friends worked thier tails off to get him, he managed to get all the way to level 50 in about 19 days /played.

Then I quit, and got rid of my account. for about 3 weeks.. then came back again with my SK Snuggums III, and I still had alot of gear left over from my gurg days.. managed to throw almost full BE on him, got a noctivigant blade, and with all that amazing gear and the bonus xp of kunark zones, and them taking away the SK XP penalty, it still took me about 10 days to get to level 50.

So last sunday I decide to make up a little magician (to get back to my roots ) my friend makes me a full suit of the DE cultural Innoruk Chainmail (looks cool and gave me a good AC for lower levels, but not a HUGE twinkage) and I wandered out into the world withi minimal expectations. All I can say is I am AMAZED at how fast I can get Xp by soloing in the new velious zones. I am at level 32 now.. with under 2 days /played with almost no twinking or powerleveling (my druid friend PL'd me from 8 to 12) it is just fookign amazing. I blew through 30.. didn't even slow me down (which was wierd this being my first non-hell level char) and I am thinking 35 will be just as easy. The game is WAY easier nowdays than it was back in the beginning, and I haven't even gotten around to grouping yet
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My first Paladin was created in April of 2001, he dinged 51 in earley December of that year. The latest incarnation of Taevitus was created in mid-September, he is currently level 44, and on the verge of 45.

Hell levels, class/race penalties, and equipment available all played very large factors in character development. Without a doubt, leveling is now very easy.
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