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Default Need New Weapons...

Hello everyone...

I'm needing to replace my warrior's weapons, pretty badly.

At the moment I am using a Snowchipper and a Spiked Velium Mallet. I am level 56 and am part of a mid-sized guild. (Click the guild link in my sig to see about what we can do.)

I don't have too much cash available, so I'm looking for something that I might be able to trade up to or sell one of mine for.

Any help is appreciated.
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Dont mean to insult you but I would worry more about AC haste and hitpoints.

10 20 isnt too bad a delay with effect frostcall on both weapons.

The fact you have 21 percent haste is your issue. Along with almost half your gear not haveing stamina or hitpoints.

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Default New Weapons...

Yea...I know I need new gear, but can't afford much in the way of gear, while I could probably afford weapons...

But, while we're on the subject...
What would people suggest as replacements for my gear. I BADLY need a new haste item and some items to increase HP's and AC...

Once again, any help is appreciated...
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There's a number of possibilities, so if you can give us a clue as to about how much you have to spend/trade, we could make some suggestions that wouldn't be out of your reach. Also what kind of groups/faction your guild has that you could possibly hunt for things. At your level, you may want to consider some of the Kael/HoT pickup raids to improve your armor with quest pieces too if your guild doesn't go there. I noted you already had a couple pieces of Thurg armor, which is a good start.

Another thing too... are there any craftspersons in your guild? Buying the kit is a hefty price tag, but if you have some skilled tradespeople in your guild, you could work to get a Solstice quest earring. It has 55 hp right off the bat, plus the additional stamina and would make a nice addition for you.
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I wouldnt worry about your weapons for now. I also wouldnt worry about your AC, your low ac is mostly due to your lvl. Raid buffs would put your 50 ac or so short of the soft cap so you're doing ok there.

I would suggest new haste. RBG is 20kish has nice haste and decent stats. You could buy the chaining of SS plate guants for like 3-4k to replace the handwraps. SS are excelent.

But like Mir said, give us some idea what you ahve to work with and I might be able to give you some better advice.
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As other people have noted: considering what's availible to you I wouldn't worry too much about weapons at this stage, although maybe you'd be better off with a Jade Mace (9 18) in the primary hand: warriors however might have a different set of priorities to a monk however.

But there are several quests that are availible to you that you should strongly consider doing.

Firstly, the hell that is the Eyepatch of Plunder. It's a very decent item, obtainable with a single group pretty easily. The hard part is getting the Lodizal map portion (although the people who farm him hardcore MIGHT be willing to give you the map portion if you help them out, as you can't chain it it's effectively worthless to them if they've already got the map) and of course the Hell that is camping Stormfeather. Nonetheless, it's a good item that's well within your grasp.

Secondly I'd recomend a Bracer of Benevolance. Easily obtainable with a single group, and it would replace your Champions Bracer (and arguably your Crystal Chitin bracer) in about 5 seconds flat.

Thirdly, the Strength of the Elements. The hardest part of this is finding Yael up, he's doable with a very good single group or at the most 2 however.

Forthly, grab the Coldains Ring to at least the 8th level, and probably the 9th as well. As a monk I can solo this untill the 9th ring, as a warrior you're probably going to need some help... but none of the encounters up to the 9th ring requires more than a single group.

Those would be the questable upgrades to what you're wearing now that I'd consider to be worth it in the long term.
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Default Equipment

I would agree that your weapons are still serviceable at this stage.

I would upgrade equipment first. More ac means less dmg means your less of a mana sieve for the clerics.

From what you got, look to pick up the ancient seahorse hide cloak for the back. 20 ac and its not too expensive at the moment.

the bracer of benevolence is definitely easily doable. jsut need to kill 1 giant and its yours. the quest giver in WW doesnt seem to be very camped at the moment too. just park a mule by where she spawns and check it from time to time.

SCHW are nice, but you get better AC items for hands normally than for waist. with all the new stuff out though i could be mistaken.

The next upgrade to SCHW would probably be the RBB.
To be honest, you may not actually need haste items. I would try and buy the chaining of thurg or SS gloves. They are only a couple of k.

What i find is that i tend to carry spare armour and stuff and depending on the situation, swop out. So if your getting aggro ok without the haste item, then swop out with the higher ac gloves.

also, your str is still a bit low. you should try and get it up to at least the low 200s if possible.

if your short of cash, perhaps you may want to try going to UP. You are just about gettig to the level where you can tank something there, or join a group. moktor armour drops off the gantrus and that has decent stats. if your lucky, you can even pick up helm of radulkan which also drops there of the named netherbain.

i forgot to check the stats of your weapons, but there are items out there which also have ac which is quite useful. 5 or 10 ac on a wep can go a long way. eg frosty and i think defiance has ac as well. prices have been dropping too so you could get a good deal.

Also, im not sure where you have been exping, but if you are short of cash, go to OS and camp whatever you can. On a good day you can average at least 1k a session in cash and drops, especially if you can get into crypt or discos.

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Just go level and forget about your gear right now. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, it's pointless. Replacing one piece of armor won't give you any results.

So go get some experience, and some more cash along the way. You will get more ac/hps as you lvl so you can worry about gear later.
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