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Default Most recent patch message

Just wondering if anyone has decoded what this part of the last patch message meant...If there was a thread about this already, I couldn't find it after a couple of sorry if there is another post already...

** Miscellaneous **

If you are working to explore Planes of Power without progressing through the storyline, you may find that the alternate methods to enter some zones now goes a little bit faster.
Just wondering exactly what they are talking about here. Is it about the tier 1 zones? Or about flags for higher tier zones?

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There are two ways to gain flags to many (maybe all) of the planes.

The first is to follow a complex storyline of conflicts between the gods, etc. This requires you to generally kill some mob (and eventually some gods) for the flag i.e. the raid flag method.

The second involve quests that require some rare drops from mobs, but the mobs can be done in time by individuals and small groups. i.e. the quest flag method

I just took that to mean they had made the drops and mobs needed in the quest flag methods more available. Upped drop rates, increased rare mob spawn times, etc. I have no firsthand experience with the quested method for the flags though.
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