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Default Mid level perma grouping

Hey folks,

Ever get frustrated through the mid level xp grinds? Annoyed at logging on and waiting a while to find a group? Then look no further!

A couple of friends and I recently came to Erollisi Marr with the expectations of leveling up together as a group. Well, as luck would have it, some real life issues came up and key classes in our group had to take a leave, and we're finding that trying to get people for groups can be tedious and annoying. We're looking for people who can be on at a certain time every day, and be dedicated, so we can come on and get right to exping instead of sitting around LFG. :-) We'll set a start time every day, all that we ask if that you're serious about it and pretty knowledgable about your class.

We're currently looking for DPS (prefer Rogue or Ranger) and a Healer (prefer Cleric or Shaman) in the 34-38 level range to group with every day; basically a permanent group arrangement.

If you're interested and think this is something you want to commit to, please talk to Transa / Kaec in game, or on AIM at Lotusx97 / KaexTrance.

Thanks for your time.
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