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Default ok.

EQ was developed more then three years ago. We can sit here all day and debate what should have been in it.
The graphics engine is 3 years old. People who play EQ know this. Despite its three+ year old Graphics engine 400,000 plus people still play it. I am sure there are many things that would have been cool in EQ but back when it was developed just might not have been possible or thought of at that point. Give them credit they developed a game that has lasted 3 years+. So what if the graphics are dated it's still fun to play.

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Default Re: ok.

Graphics arent my problem mainly with EQ, Is thier shitty code that runs the graphics. Im sorry but look at luclins recommend req and then what you actually need to run it. Thats a HUGE difference. Heck even normal eq now needs alot more and its "dated".

heres a comparison, Im on a 1.5ghz P4 with 1gb Rdram and Geforce 3 64DDR. I can run EQ with full models on and effects but during raids i will lag like crap, hell during a run through a Large Luclin zone i will lag. Now look at Anarchy Online and Even AC2 Beta, I am running the max settings (minus AA, never run AA unless I know for a fact i wont take a big hit in preformance) and i dont lag at all anywhere.

I really dont care about the graphics but when a game that has better graphics preformes better then a game that is "dated" that is just horrible coding. It would be like playing Quake and Quake 3 and having better Fps on Quake 3 then the Quake.

Oh and i wont even get on the issue of how horrible most of the models in luclin look. =)
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