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Aoladari Raveynfyre
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Default Raid UI

Test Server was brought down for 45 mins last afternoon around 3pm EST and when it came back up, the new Raid UI system patched!

The server MOTD states: "The first testing round on EQ's new Raid system has begun! Please hit Alt-R to pop up the Raid Window and feel free to play with it. For specific information, please see Raidsdoc.txt in your EQ directory."

RAIDSDOC.TXT reads as follows:


In the past, and even at the writing of this book, experience on raids would generally go to a single group or a few groups. The group doing the most damage would get the experience on any given kill. But, perhaps even at the time you are reading this book, that will be changed by a new Raid feature.

Because the system is still being worked on as this is written, some of the details may change by the time it is implemented. However, we'll give you the planned functionality as it stands at this time.

The Raid system is intended to aid in the formation and organizing raids and make looting on raids a little more manageable. At the same time, it allows a certain amount of experience to be shared among all members of a raid. The basics of the system work very much like grouping has always worked. The Raid Leader is the leader of all the raid groupsand the group leaders remain leaders of their individual groups.

Alt-R or /raidwindow will toggle the new Raid Window. This window works much like the group window. You can invite people to the raid (if you are the raid leader) and see a list of the folks in your raid, along with the status of those members (Raid Leader, Group Leader or raid member - which shows with no rank). It also shows you the group number of the individual members.

Inviting and Removing people from a raid.

Only Raid Leaders and Raid Group Leaders can invite people to a raid. This is done with the Invite button on the raid window.

If a Raid Leader invites an individual (someone not in a group), that person joins the raid as a Raid Group Leader. If the Raid Leader invites a member of a group, the entire group joins the raid, and their group leader becomes a Raid Group Leader.

A Raid Group Leader can invite people to their group, thus inviting them to join the raid group as well.

Only a Raid Leader can remove someone from the raid. He or she does so simply by clicking on the character's name in the raid window and clicking the Disband button (also in the raid window).

Being removed from your group (using the normal grouping features) will not remove you from the raid.

You can remove yourself from the raid just by clicking the Disband button in the raid window.

Raid chat

Just like groups, raids have their own chat channel. /rsay works for the raid just as /gsay does for groups. Just like group chat, you can set this to be your default channel for a given chat window by choosing it from the right-click Default Channel context menu.


Experience for killing NPCs will be distributed to all members of the raid that are within range. However, the experience given will be smaller than the experience that would be earned by a single group. Generally, unless you are fighting NPCs that require a raid, you will still be better off earning experience with the old fashioned six-person group.

Raids will definitely allow for larger than traditional groups, however, much of EverQuest is designed with the six-person group in mind. Adding a small number of people to a given group will allow this "oversized" group to gain experience. However, we recommend that once a "raid" of ten or more people forms, a second, traditional group split off and adventure on their own.


The Raid Leader determines the looting permissions for any NPC killed by the raid. There are three types of looting that the leader can choose from (though the Raid Leader can always loot NPCs killed by the raid).

1. Only the raid leader can loot until the corpse opens up for all
2. Only the raid leader and raid group leaders can loot until the corpse opens up
3. Raid leader chooses up to 9 other raid members that can loot until the corpse opens up

Please note that altering loot permissions only applies to NPCs that are killed after changing this setting.

See the command list below for more information about setting raid loot permissions.

When an item is looted by a raid member, a loot message is sent to all members of the raid.

Summary of Raid Commands:

Below is a list of all the slash commands that are related to raids followed by a brief description of what they do and how to use them for quick reference.

- /raidwindow - toggles the raid window
- /makeraidleader [name]- reassigns raid leadership - Optional argument, name of raid member to be new leader, or you can just target them. If you type a person's name, that name is used instead of your current raid window target.
- /raidinvite - invites the current target to the raid
- /raidaccept - accepts an invitation to a raid
- /raiddecline - declines an invitation to a raid.
- /raidremove - removed the current raid target from the raid
- /setloottype <#> - sets the raid loot type - Takes one number argument: 1, 2, 3.
- /addraidlooter - adds a raid member as an early looter to all future corpses - Target a raid member in raid window.
- /removeraidlooter - removes a raid member as a possible looter from all future corpses - Target a raid member in raid window.
- /rsay - Sends a message to all members of the raid"

Another day, another Test downage for PoP stuff


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Dunwut Speeritnite
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Wow! This is genuinely impressive.

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Old 10-04-2002, 05:25 AM   #3
Jethal Silverwing
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In the words of Dunwut DaMojoOgre..

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Old 10-04-2002, 06:34 AM   #4
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Yes... this truely does have possibilities. Gonna have to roll over to Test and take me a look-see.
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Alethia or Celoria
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Don't you love how AO is revolutionizing the EQ world as we know it?
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Old 10-05-2002, 09:14 PM   #6
Rilien Cimber
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aye and Dark Age of Camelot as well for all the naysayers

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Old 10-06-2002, 02:29 PM   #7
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Default re:capitalism

Just capitalism at work, really. Like in the old days where there was only AT&T and there were few services, and not very good customer service. Then the US forced them to break up and the competition that resulted fostered new services to be invented/given to the customers, lower rates, etc. So competition is a good thing. Sorry, China.
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Old 10-06-2002, 06:15 PM   #8
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Default Re: re:capitalism

wonder how long it will be till they realize that Alt-R for this raid thing is also the shortcut for /trader in the bazaar.
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Old 10-07-2002, 02:29 AM   #9
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/falls out of chair from shock
WOW ! Signs of intelligence from Verant !
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